Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Summary/response #2
Yojiro Konno (EAP2)
In the article, “After vanishing tigers, are elephant next?” from the Lexis Nexis website, the author says that the number of elephants has been decreasing because of two reasons- poaching and human-elephant conflict. Though the trade of ivory is banned globally, the number of the poaching elephants is increasing (Lexis Nexis, 2005, paragraph 20). Poaching can distort the balance between male and female numbers, because only the male has ivory tusks. The human encroachment on wildlife habitat and elephant intrusions into village causes the human-elephant conflict (paragraph 8). The bad news is followed by endanger of tigers.
The government should reinforce the control the number of elephant because of two reasons. The one is to save the people suffering from elephant. The government should take the measures to help the people if the number of elephant decreases. The human life should be prior to elephant. They should avoid such increasing tragedy- “ An elephant craving for homemade rice beer brewed by tribal people tramped three people and wounded seven others in an Assam village in early March.’(Paragraph 10)
The second reason is to avoid poaching. To reinforce taking control by the government, it will be needed that the regulation of poaching. Because of poaching, they have a difficulty of adjustment now. If the poaching disappeared, they can control the number of elephant more easily. In addition to that, the unbalance of male and female will be dissolved. From above mentioned two reasons, I think the government should reinforce the control of the number of elephant.

Indo-Asian News Service (2005).“ After vanishing the tiger, are elephant next? ”. Retrieved July 7, 2005, from

Monday, July 18, 2005

Summary/response #1
Yojiro (EPA2)

In the article, ‘Indian wildlife officials concerned as poaching of male elephant rises,’ the author worried about decreasing the number of male Asian elephants by poaching which will be revealed by the final census. Some poachers kill the male elephant to get their ivory tusks. Different form African elephants, only male elephant has tusks. ‘According to the wildlife Protection Society of India from 1998 to 2004 and southern India bore the bruit with 40 females now for every male instead of the normal rate of one male to four females,’ said, this article. *In the census, they use three methods that are more accurate ones than before.

I agree with the census because it will be help to reduce the number of poaches. To begin with, if they can know the exact number of the elephant, they will have more concern about the endangered animals. If India government realizes the importance of this again, India government will budget for the projects or organizations. In addition to that, specific figure provoke not only the government but also the public. It is important for avoiding a crime that many people have interest about this.

Moreover, it is essential to do accurate census regularly if they think continuing their action for conservative because they cannot do operation efficiently without data. For example, we cannot manage a long-term workload unless knowing changing the amount of workload. From aforementioned two reasons, I agree with the census for performing more concrete measures.

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